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Deadly Choices

What is Deadly Choices?

Deadly Choices is a program which informs participants about staying strong and healthy, maintaining healthy lifestyles and making positive lifestyle choices. The program nurtures leadership and encourages participants to become positive mentors and role models in their community.

Deadly Choices - 7 Key Health Areas

  1. Leadership
  2. Chronic Disease
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Nutrition
  5. Harmful Substances
  6. Smoking Cessation
  7. Medicare and access to Primary Health Care

Who can participate in Deadly Choices?

Deadly Choices is aimed at male and female above the age of 10 and is usually run with groups of 8 or more. Deadly Choices is facilitated by the Healthy Lifestyle Team at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health. However, the program was developed to be easy and flexible. Community group leader/s can facilitate the program with almost any size group with training.

Where does the Deadly Choices program run?

Deadly Choices has been running for 2 + years in South East Queensland and now it has been launched in the Hunter Region. It can be run almost in any community setting including high schools, health groups and youth centres. The content is simple and easily adaptable to a group’s specific needs.