An Awabakal podcast series sharing yarns with community members, sports stars and role models.

June 3 2020


Welcome to Awabapod. Awabakal's first Podcast series.

Here you can listen to community leaders, sports stars and role models sharing a yarn and key messages about how you can look after your health, with a healthy dose of Awabakal humour.


Episode 2: Black Lives Matter

Episode two features Sean Gordon from Gidgee Group, Debra Swan, Cultural Educator for Awabakal Ltd and the young talented artist Jacob Ridgeway as we discuss the very hot topic of Black Lives Matter. Join me Rod Smith as I ask questions to help us as a people and non-Aboriginal people have more of an understanding of the movement.


Episode 1: Deadly Ninja Warrior Jack Wilson

Owen Craigie and Jack have a good yarn about Jack's journey to Deadly Ninja Warrior, and the things that keep him grounded.