PCYC Safer Driver Course for Learner Drivers

Mar - Dec - Apply now to be part of this course and earn yourself 20 hours log book credit!

March 2 2020

PCYC Safer Driver Course for Learner Drivers

Are you aged under 25years and a learner driver that has 50hours logged in your log book?

The Safer Driver Course (SDC) is a 3 hour theory session with a 2 hour in car component which is designed to help you learn to drive, be better prepared for when you transition to solo driving. 

At the course’s conclusion participants will:
- Recognise the links between driver behaviour and increased crash risk
- Learn how to lower the risks they face by adopting time tested low-risk driving behaviours and minimising their on-road risk taking
- Become more resistant to and better equipped against the impacts of peer influence, passenger behaviour and other every day distractions
- Have strategies to help them cope with typical lifestyle pressures (drugs, alcohol, late-night driving, fatigue, etc.) and be better prepared against these risk taking behaviours
- Receive 20 hours of credit towards their logbook
The normal price for the course is $140.00, however if you have a health care card / pension card in your own name, or are in Out of Home Care this course is FREE!!!
More details including course commencement dates can be found here, or call PCYC Lake Macquarie on 4948 6622.