Awabakal Ltd lead the way with Wests Tigers partnership

Awabakal Ltd lead the way with Wests Tigers partnership

26 March 2021

On the 2nd December 2020, Awabakal Ltd and Wests Tigers commenced a partnership which will see the two entities working closely to increase pathways for the junior development of Aboriginal players whilst also fostering a strong environment of education and engagement within the Indigenous community.

Why are Awabakal partnering with the West Tigers?

The partnership aims to strengthen pathways and opportunities between our Awabakal community and beyond. The partnership shows leadership and connectivity with a wider community network, and demonstrates Awabakal’s dedication to advancing the wellbeing of all indigenous communities.

What’s in it for our local community?

Role modelling for our youth – by seeing success stories of Indigenous, and specifically Awabakal people – we can demonstrate that there are opportunities for our people on a national stage. The partnership will offer many opportunities outside of football, including education scholarships for our youth.


An introduction to the partnership with Raymond Smith, Deputy Chairman - Awabakal Board, Ronald Griffiths - Assistant Coach and Timana Tahu - Consultant