Awabakal partner with Community Options Australia

Awabakal partner with Community Options Australia

16 July 2021

Awabakal Ltd are pleased to announce a partnership with Community Options Australia. The partnership will assist our community with transition from hospital, through the Out of Hospital Care Program (formerly ComPacks). The program provides non-clinical supports such as domestic assistance, meals and transport.

Community Options Australia was established in 1996, with the purpose of partnering with local community based groups to provide community care choices that enable people to remain independent in their own homes after discharge from hospital.

“This partnership will give our community a choice about where they recover after a stay in hospital. The aim is to reduce unnecessary hospital time for our community by providing practical support solutions”.

“We hope this collaboration will provide a more robust, and culturally appropriate model of support especially for those in the community who are in the process of applying or are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).” said Raylene Gordon, CEO of Awabakal Ltd.

Awabakal and Community Options Australia are committed to working together towards providing the highest standard of care with the implementation of this partnership, and look forward to seeing the benefits of this within our community by providing dignified and comfortable environments for healing.

For more information on the partnership, please contact the Awabakal Business Services team on 1300 174 908.