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Confirmation of Aboriginality

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Awabakal Ltd. is an organisation registered to authorise Confirmations of Aboriginality.

Applications for Confirmation of Aboriginality will only be considered by Awabakal Ltd. if the applicant is one of the following:

  • A member of Awabakal Ltd.
  • A patient of Awabakal Medical Service
  • And Aged Care client
  • An NDIS client
  • A family attending Early Learning and Education Pre-school

Confirmation of Aboriginality will be tabled quarterly at Awabakal Ltd. Board Meetings in the months of March, June, September and December. Once an application is Not Approved, it cannot be tabled again.

Those applicants known, however not living in the area, are to be referred back to place of birth.

The process for the application of a Confirmation of Aboriginality must satisfy three 'working criteria' as proof or confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage:

  1. Being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (demonstrate bloodlines/heritage)
  2. Identifying as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person (you must identify and be known)
  3. Being accepted as such by the community in which you live, or formerly lived (accepted as an Aboriginal person in your community)

All of these things must apply. Your application should be submitted in the location that your ancestry is from.

Please return the Confirmation of Aboriginality application if you meet the criteria. Please attach copies of any evidence where relevant (PLEASE DO NOT SUPPLY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS)

Once received the application will be forwarded to The Board of Directors for consideration and you will be notified in writing of the outcome.

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